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Just opened - stay tuned for more things to pop up

New work 

A music video directed by Hydration Space for KARITAS 

Stills that Hydro likes 

From the music video - shot by Birta Rán Björgvinsdóttir

An event 

a screening of my video work "Orí" on the 17th of December 

In hindsight...

... I often realize much later what was really going on in the process of making the work - when I made this video I was in a situation that forced me to open up to a lot of things - muddy I know 

I play with the notion of it, how it was pushing and pushing through

Snapshots from the scene - first official but not yet official project of Hydration Space 

We created a music video in Hydration Space for the singer song writer Karítas Óðins shot by Birta Rán

To set the mood I created a few low tech sculptures and tricks for Karítas´s mind sticking song "The girl that you want" 

Thank you for the space, I really needed it 

Its like that for me, the importance of having a space for the art work need their own living area to get oxygen - otherwise creativity suffocates a bit - like in any romance