Sigthora Odins


Borgarnes, Iceland

Tel: +354-895-5556

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The work appears in the studies or somewhat of an investigation on materials and the reaction between them. The studies are not based on science nor reason, but on intuition driven purely by curiosity and the desire of stumbling into something unfamiliar. The form I work with is the possibility and playing with perspectives; a visual illusion.



Bifröst University Iceland

MCM Cultural Management  2016 -2019


Iceland University of the Arts

BA Fine Art– 2012 - 2015


The Reykjavík School of Visual Arts

Preperation studies /diploma in Ceramics – 2009 – 2012



2020 and ongoing - *Hydration Space, Iceland

Performance based art studio 

Video art




2019 - *Dynamics of Change, Hanstholm Art Space, Denmark

Solo exhibition 


Video art



2018 - *Stream, The Living Art Museum, Iceland

Group exhibition 


"Dopamine Karaoke" 

2018 - *Computer Spirit, Kurant Artraum Tromsö, Norway

Group exhibition 

Videowork and light sculpture 

“Pt1 Like, poke, share series”

“Pt2 Like, poke, share series”

“Recharge Like, poke, share series”

2017 - Back into the Body, Algera Iceland

Group exhibition - Project management, curation, artist

Group exhibition, 16 artists from the group Solids and Algera Studio 

Video work exhibited: “Suck it to me” 2017

Sound work: “Physical” 2017

2016 - Stream in a Puddle, Tallinn, Estonia

Group exhibition in Gallerii Monument

Video sculpture “Zero // Offbeat” 2016

2015 - On-Site - Gallery Ekkisens Iceland and Gallerí Super Austria

Group exhibition and a printed edition of selected works, by the On-Site art group 

Video stills 


2015 - Solids Pop up Gallery - Reykjavik Art Museum, Iceland

Artist, Project manager and curator 



2015 - Útburður - Art squatting at Bergstaðarstræti 25 Reykjavík, Iceland

Group exhibition 

Installation of two dimensional art work 


2015 - BEAMS festival - Gaffa gallery Australia

Group exhibition

Video work “Materia Prima #1” 2015

2015 - Framsetning/Fragmentation - Gallery Ekkisens, Iceland

Solo exhibition / Installation of two dimensional art work


2015 - Ymur, sound and art festival - Akureyri Iceland

Group exhibition

Video work “without a trace. again”.

2015 - Multiple socket plug – Gallery Ekkisens, Iceland

Group exhibition of 10 artists

Video work “Without a trace, again”


2014 - Kaffistofan artists gallery, Iceland

RAVE - Video projection and performance, in connection to Iceland Airwaves


2014 - Transformation of Einar, The Einar Jónsson Museum, Iceland

Artist and assistance of curation and production,

organised by Aðalheiður Guðmundsdóttir and Jón Proppé, professors at The Icelandic Art Academy

Group exhibition/art event with an emphasis on performance art


2014 - ORÍ,  Kubburinn exhibition space of the Icelandic Art Academy

Solo exhibition, video and sound work


2014 - Emotional Freezer, Kaffistofan Art gallery, Iceland

Group exhibition connected to Culture Night in Reykjavik

Two dimensional art work


2014 - Harpan Concert Hall, Iceland

Video work / visuals for a concert, for the band Orfia


2014 - Bíó Paradís Cinema, Iceland

Salt - Video and dance work, in cooperation with the contemporary dancer Josepine Hed Nyberg.


2014 - National Gallery of Iceland

“Think less, feel more” 2014. Performance exhibition curated by the Icelandic Love Corporation

Video performance


2013 - AHOI film festival, Hamburg Germany

Screening of a video work in a Video Art Festival 

“As it is” 2013 - awarded a the recognition for the best video work in the genre of experimental video



2021 - Operational since 2016 - Plan-B International Art Festival

Co founder, project manager and curator 

Group exhibitions in unconventional spaces in Borgarnes Iceland

Around 20 International artists are selected every year from an open call to take part in the festival. Further information

2020 - 2021 - Artistic board for Sequences an international time based Art Festival in Reykjavík

Art Biennale - Group exhibitions in Reykjavík over a span of two weeks focusing on performances and video works

2016 and ongoing - Space of Milk art venue for Plan-B Art Festival 

On of the founding members of Nordic Hub year 2019, an association of art and culture venues in unconventional spaces, in Europe and Estonia

2017 - Promotional video, Wetland ehf

Production, filming and editing 

2016 - Islanders Gallery

Curation of an exhibition, works by Kristinn Már Pálsson in a house designed by one of Iceland´s most known architect Högna Sigurðardóttir

2016 - Solids 

Founder of an organization of young Icelandic artists

Platform for introducing art 

2015 - Gender Play/Kynleikar 

Exhibited in Gallery Ekkisens / Reykjavik City Hall / Tjarnarbíó theater

Curation and a participating artist

Group exhibition of 14 artists in Gallery Ekkisens and Reykjavík City Hall, group of 24 artists in Tjarnarbíó theatre

Performance piece “Karaoke l´intimate” 2015

2015 - Dynamics of darkness - Nordic House Iceland

Assistance regarding curation and production of an international art festival and conference, directed by Hulda Stefánsdóttir.

2013 - Reykjavik Art Festival - Reykjavík Art Museum

Assistance with curating and producing a performance piece by Magnúsar Pálssonar “Þrígaldur Þursavænn” 

Directed by Ingibjörg Magnadóttir and Jóhanna Friðrika Sæmundsdóttir